‘The Pledge’ available now.

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Biography: A musician, composer and recording engineer working out of his home studio in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from the UK, he was a rock singer/songwriter for many years and his deep, lifelong love for film moved him towards scoring soundtracks. His synth and electronica based music aims to connect emotionally and visually with a deep nod to the ... See full bio >>
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You can listen to the album ‘The Pledge’ below

  1. The Pledge Dale Goodridge 4:32
  2. Swimming After Dark Dale Goodridge 3:41
  3. Up2U Dale Goodridge 4:24
  4. Crash Dale Goodridge 4:01
  5. Look Inside Dale Goodridge 3:22
  6. This Time Dale Goodridge 3:13
  7. Girl=Good Dale Goodridge 2:20
  8. Change Dale Goodridge 3:13
  9. They're Sleeping Dale Goodridge 2:53
  10. Make You Crawl Dale Goodridge 3:24
  11. Won't You? Dale Goodridge 3:25
  12. See Me Changing Dale Goodridge 2:50
  13. Wish Sometimes Dale Goodridge 3:22

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