Author: Dale Goodridge

  • MOFI UltraPhono

    MOFI UltraPhono

    Yesterday I purchased something very useful and perfect for my sampling endeavours. It’s a small phono preamp and headphone amp called an UltraPhono. I also bought a new Denon DL-110 stylus for my Thorens TD-165 turntable which has made a massive improvement in itself. Now I can sample into the Akai Samplers or computer with…

  • Rain Track

    A piece of music I made that was intended for a film but not used. It was inspired by the dark, weird, often discordant but melodic movie soundtracks of the 1970’s. I filmed and edited the video ///—–\\\

  • Octatrack Glitch Track

    I made a little ditty whilst learning the Octatrack I filmed myself pressing buttons

  • Sampling Vinyl MPC2000XL

    Sampling Vinyl MPC2000XL

    I have an old Thorens TD-165 Turntable. As I have finished servicing, modding and upgrading the MPC, I thought I would start sampling some vinyl. I have a tube preamp I have had for years and it works fine. I got a strong signal from the records and started sampling into the 2000XL The track…

  • Akai Sampler

    Akai Sampler

    I have recently been buying a few classic Akai Samplers, servicing and restoring them. I have been installing the new ZuluSCSI SD drives into them so I can have 7 separate hard drives on one SD card. It’s fast and breathes a new lease of life into these samplers. I have just released an album…